Specialist cleaning services

INTELblast offers a wide range of specialized cleaning services that all require a high level of know-how and expertise. Dry ice blasting of sensitive parts and where water or abrasive media cannot be used. Lava & Granite micro-blasting for façade, historical heritage and monument restoration, anti-fouling removal and for general surface preparation obtaining optimum results with these unique medias. Ultra High Pressure water blasting when power is needed. Ventilation and extraction duct work cleaning to create better working and living environments and to meet international cleanliness requirements.

Cleaning Equipment

Dry ice blasting equipment for the professional user. LATEST NEWS. With the IBL 5000 INTELblast has taken the most advanced technology and decades of user experience into creating an unprecedented strong and user-friendly blaster. Attention is on trouble-free operation with maximum cleaning performance. Try the magic!

Become A Partner

INTELblast is set-up as a large number of international independent specialist cleaning companies, with the same goal. To offer skills, solutions and expertise to the customer through knowledge sharing & internal education courses. Add specialist services to your business and benefit from the many advantages of being in a group (advertising, purchasing, trouble shooting and flow of news/ideas).

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